Coping With Break Up – And Winning The Ex Back

If you are saying that you never felt pain after a break-up; you are either a robot or just a very cold, cold soul. In fact, even if the relationship has gone awry; breaking up is never a parting paved with good intentions. It is always a sweet sorrow to most of us. To the point, that there are people that make unwise decisions in order to cope with the depression caused by a break-up.
If you look back at the break up your initial reaction is to patch things up. Unfortunately, unlike a broken vase which you can mend using an epoxy; love don’t operate that way. The remedy for a broken heart is not superglue but lots of patience and rational thinking. The last thing you would do in a situation like this is to do something stupid that would make things worse. It is alright to shoot for a second chance if you feel the relationship is worth another shot. You should be not afraid to try to mend the broken ways. Just remember not to say anything stupid that can make the reunion a bit more difficult. It is not an excuse that you have said something out of frustration. Once you made that awful remark it will stay and haunt your relationship forever.
In order to cope with a break-up, take time to assess the event if the parting of ways was really called for. It will give you an opportunity to think over the situation. There is a possibility that the relationship has nowhere to go and ending it is the best for both parties. Be open to that reality and you won half the battle.
The last thing that you will do in order to make things worse and make a reunification difficult is to communicate with the ex. It is important to let both parties have a quiet time from each other. The break-up is bad enough that it is causing stress; the last thing that you need is further stress. Avoid communicating with the ex and let the other initiate the conversation in the future. If you avoid communicating with your ex; chances are they will be intrigued and would find ways to find out what is happening.
Sure a break-up is overwhelming and may cause heart problems. Broken heart syndrome is a heart ailment that is believed to be caused by depression caused by the loss of a loved one. However as we journey through our life cycle we will meet people and change is inevitable. The understanding of the dynamics of relationships is to understand that it may not last forever; no matter how you take care of it. It helps that you accept this things happen and it happens for a good reason.
As you let your heart heal it is best to follow these simple tips to let you cope with the agony and the depression of breaking-up. Talk with your friends and family. True friends will help you get through the agony and their presence can help you get your mind off the break-up. Also, go make yourself busy! This is the time to catch up on your reading or workout. Touch base with your brother or sister and spend time with them at the mall. The possibilities are endless if you know what to do to help get your mind away from the stressful end of the relationship.
Just remember you are not alone. Every person has felt one way or another, the agony of break-ups. It is natural so don’t argue as if you are the only person on earth that is feeling bad right now. Rather than sulk make most of the time to improve yourself and be the best you can be perhaps for the next relationship that comes along.