What Not To Do To Win An Ex Back

We all know that you are clueless right now on how to win your ex back. It is alright to feel bewildered or annoyed. The worse you can do right now is to feel bad for yourself. Break-ups are as natural as life, like it’s a part of our life cycle. Yet, it sucks to feel bad ending a relationship that you always thought that will last forever. That’s why many breakups leave lovers wanting to get the ex back. But then getting back your ex is a huge task. In making a step to win back the heart of an ex takes a lot of precision planning. So precise, that you need to become a smart bomb with pinpoint accuracy. The idea is not to push your ex back which is the worst thing that could happen. Before you read further, take a deep breath and a glass of water and relax. You’ll thank your lucky stars that you Googled this article.
The main reason that people end up failing to win back their ex is because they are doing it wrong. If you act based on your instincts most often you will do things that will make things worse. You will end up more frustrated and you will start act irrationally. The fact of the matter is that you need to do things correctly to gain favorable results. Let us now look at the things you are NOT supposed to do in order to win your ex back.
1. Call, text or emails are a no-no. You may feel that the best way to win your ex back is to talk to him or her. Wrong move! It will make only things worse. The fact is they are at a stage that they want to have some space to think things over. It would make them more annoyed if their phones kept on ringing all day or their cellphones went crazy with tons of text messages. This will actually cement the fact that there is really a need to part ways. It will convince your ex that breaking up is the best thing to do. Don’t let that suggestion ruin your effort to win her back.
2. Stalk them. Okay this is going too far. Communicating is already bad. Stalking and annoying your ex is way, way, way too much. It will convert the morsel of affection that remains in your ex’s heart to become a huge molehill of hatred. Would you like to be at the receiving end of a stalking sortie? Of course, not– right? So be sensitive, let them realize what has happened and let everything run its natural course.
3. Make yourself stink. The worse thing that you can do for yourself is to let yourself stink to high heaven. We all know that you’re depressed but it is not an excuse not to take a bath. Get rid of that ugly beard and stay in shape. Make yourself attractive while waiting for the time you get to meet your ex again. This will make him or her realize that you are too gorgeous to let go and will change his or her mind about the break up. Please, put on some deodorant will you and brush your teeth.
4. Contacting friends. Do you actually think contacting his or her friends will make your ex come back? Don’t tell me you do! This will only annoy his or her friends and may bad mouth you. It will only reinforce the fact that the break-up is such a good idea. Peer influence may be a good idea but not in this case. Build your case first before appealing your case with the friends. You can appeal your case in the most natural manner you can possibly do.
Remember, your ex may not be interested in getting back. You have to accept this fact. In any case, following the tips will make you a better person and survive the break up with your dignity intact and head up high.

Relax To Win Love Back

There are many different ways that you can win love back, but the key is to begin with the basics. If you try to win love back, you are going to need to have a solid game plan coupled with a solid sense of confidence. Every relationship has ups, downs and unique challenges, and a different strategy is going to be necessary for each individual situation.

There is no real right or wrong answer set in stone when it comes to trying to rekindle a relationship. Every relationship is going to come with its own unique challenges, and you need to come up with your own unique strategy for rekindling the relationship based on your own situation, rather than necessarily based upon the advice of others.

Even if you have friends, family members or other acquaintances that have been through similar situations, the solution they found in order to win love back may not necessarily work for you. This is because there are always underlying causes and other situations that come into play that may not necessarily have come into play in the other relationships.

One of the things that you need to consider when you are ready to win love back is that desperate behavior will repel your lost love rather than allow you to rekindle things or attract them back. You need to take the time to identify the problems that broke the relationship up, and you need to begin crafting a solution accordingly in order to win love back rather than repelling it further.

The best way to approach the situation when you are ready to win love back is to start at the beginning. Work hard and prove yourself like you did when you first met him or her. One of the most common mistakes that is made when it comes to trying to win back love is focusing on everything that went wrong rather than trying to focus on the good things that made the relationship strong in the first place. Change the situation, start fresh, and you will be able to win love back even when it feels hopeless or like a lost cause.

If you are placing any undue restrictions on your lover or spouse, now is the time to let them go. Don’t put restrictions on your love, or they may find themselves resisting you, which will undo your hard work and progress when it comes to rekindling the relationship and learning how to win back love.

Now is the time to let tensions slide and focus on the positive nature of the relationship. What drew you to your significant other, and what drew them to you? Focus on these good things and let the bad and negative feelings slide away. Once you can prove yourself again, learning how to win love back will be easier than ever.

Do you Still Love your Ex?

Getting back with your ex may seem like an idea near to impossible, but it can be done. Depending on the circumstances of your break up, with the exception of affairs, abuse (verbal and/or physical), and other demeaning events, you can get back together with your ex but it needs time and a whole lot of effort.
Every love story involves 2 endings: the happy ending and the tragic ending. All couples would want a happy ending in their relationship, whether it’s marriage, taking the next step in a relationship, or simply just being happy with their loved ones. But sometimes, our love story is not set in stone, but written as we go along with the relationship. Stories develop twists with every decision every character makes. When a love story takes a turn for the worst and ends tragically, ergo the couple breaks up for the most unfortunate or stupid circumstances, it sometimes can’t be helped for one or the other to still have feelings for their ex. If you feel that your relationship has taken a wrong turn somewhere along the line and feel that the break up wasn’t right, then getting back with your ex is probably the first thing in your mind right now. How will you know that getting back with your ex is the right thing to do? Here’s what you should do and think on how to get back with your ex.

Step # 1: Ask yourself what happened to the relationship; where you went wrong or made a wrong turn. Was it your fault or your partner’s fault?
Step # 2: Ask yourself if you still want to get back with your ex. Do you still love your ex? Would you do anything to get back together with your ex? Re-evaluating your relationship will help you determine if getting back with your ex is still a good idea.
Step # 3: Give yourself and your partner some time to do steps # 1 and # 2.
Step # 4: Give yourself and your partner time to recover from the break up. Fresh break ups make people irrational and sometimes desperate. Rushing into getting back with your ex will only make the break up worse.

The following steps should be able to help you get back together with your ex. Though it may take some time for the reconciliation of a relationship, it’s always worth the wait. Love is sweeter the second time around, as some might say, because getting back with an ex may have contributed to this famous saying. Patience is always a virtue, my friends.